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Thin Film Coating

Advantages of Thin Film Coatings:

Improved Performance: Coatings can significantly enhance the optical properties of components, such as increasing light transmission or reducing unwanted reflections.

Customization: Coating designs can be tailored to specific wavelengths or wavelength ranges, allowing for precise control over optical behavior.

Reduced Losses: Coatings can minimize losses due to reflections or absorption, which is particularly important in high-performance optical systems.

Versatility: Thin film coatings can be applied to a wide range of substrates, including glass, plastics, metals, and more.

Cost-Effectiveness: By optimizing optical properties through coatings, it's often possible to achieve desired performance without resorting to complex and expensive designs.

  • CO2 Coatings on ZnSe

    AR at 10.6μm

    AR at 10.6μm and 633 nm (HeNe)

    AR at 10.6μm and 650 nm (diode)

    Beam Combiner at 10.6μm & 633-650nm

    Beam Splitter (50%) at 10.6μm

    Partial Reflector at 10.6μm

    AR 8μm to 128μm > 99%T

    AR 3μm to 14μm > 95% T

    AR 2.94μm >99.7% T

    AR 2.5μm to 5μm > 99% T

  • CO2 Coatings on Si

    00 Phase Shift Mirror at 10.6μm

    900 Phase Shift Mirror at 10.6μm

    Enhanced Silver at 10.6μm and VIS

  • Infrared Coatings

    Infrared Coatings on Germanium

    Infrared Coatings on Zinc Selenide

    Infrared Coatings on Zinc Sulfide Multispectral

    Infrared Coatings on Gallium Arsenide

    Infrared Coatings on Silicon

    Reflective Coatings on Various Metals and Glass

APC: Coating Codes Definitions, Capabilities

AR - Anti Relective
AR,BBAR - Broad Band AR
AR,DBTR - Dual Band Total Reflector
AR,TR - Total Reflector
B/S - Broad Spectrum
B/S, DICH - Broad Spectrum Dichroic
BBAR - Broad Band Anti Reflective
BBAR,AR - Broad Band Anti Reflective / Anti Reflective
BBAR,DBAR - Broad Band Anti Reflective / Dual Band Anti Reflective
BBPR - Broad Band Partial Reflector
BBTR - Broad Band Total Reflector
BBTR,BBAR - Broad Band Total Reflector / Broad Band Anti Reflective
DBAR - Dual Band Anti Reflective
Polarizer, PR, QBAR, RPR45, RPR90, TBAR, TBBAR,